AVR Genset AS-440 Stamford prices

AVR Genset AS-440 Stamford – Ratings number the newest Stamford Bedroom Furniture prices. You need to use while an expense comparing to help you to opt for the things of Stamford Bedroom Furniture who match your liking.

AVR Genset AS-440 Stamford prices

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AVR Genset AS-440 Stamford
Dimensi: 170 x 140 x 50 mm
Sensing Input, Voltage Jumper Selectable
100-130VAC 1 phase or 190-264VAC 1 phase
Frequency 50-60 Hz Nominal
Powewr Input: 100-264VAC
Frequency: 50-60 Hz Nominal
Output: Voltage 82VDC @200VAC
Current: Continuous 4 A DC, transient 7.5 A for 10 secs
Resistance: 15 ohms minimum (10 ohm min when input volts less than 175VAC)
Made in England
Harga Promo ini Hanya Berlaku di Tokopedia.
Harga Normal Rp 4.375.000,-/pcs

AVR Genset AS-440 Stamford
Cocok untuk Generator Stamford
Kwalitas BAGUS dan TAHAN LAMA.
HARGA NORMAL Rp 4.375.000,-/pcs
WA: 0877 8886 5292

This unique product is charging Rp 6.160.000 (Rate 1$ = Rp 13.900) from Lazada

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