Clarette Sandals Constance – Red selling prices

Clarette Sandals Constance – Red – Opinions directory the best Constance Bedroom Furniture prices. You should utilize as an amount comparing so you’re able to trinkets goods of Constance Bedroom Furniture who match your liking.

Clarette Sandals Constance – Red selling prices

Examination regarding Clarette Sandals Constance – Red

Product Description – Clarette Sandal Heels dengan design modern dan simple. – Terdapat aksesoris menarik pada bagian upper. – Sol empuk dan sangat nyaman dipakai. – Tersedia dalam 3 warna. – Bahan PU Kulit, TPR Sole. Bahan Material – Bahan PU Kulit, TPR Sole. Measurements 36= 23,5cm. 37= 24cm. 38= 24,5cm. 39= 25,5cm. 40= 26cm. 41= 26,5cm. Care Label Larangan: Hindari dari oli, tinta, detergent, dan air kotor. Penanganan: Air, sikat lembut dan soft cloth. Tinggi Heels 5 cm

This unique method coming in at Rp 229.000 (Rate 1$ = Rp 13.900) from Lazada

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