CRESSI PALAU Panjang Masker Set Fin, Brisbane Merah, Medium/Besar-Internasional values

CRESSI PALAU Panjang Masker Set Fin, Brisbane Merah, Medium/Besar-Internasional – Assessments report up to date Kitchen Furniture Brisbane prices. Feel free to use mainly because an expense quotation so you can discover the solutions of Kitchen Furniture Brisbane the fact that satisfy your liking.

CRESSI PALAU Panjang Masker Set Fin Brisbane Merah MediumBesar-Internasional values

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Cressi Palau Long Mask Fin Snorkel Set, Brisbane Red, Medium/Large

Product DescriptionMade in Italy: the palau long adjustable fin opens the way for a new type of snorkeling and swimming flippers. Featuring extreme comfort and ease of fit in a strapped open heel fin even if it is to be worn with bare feet. The result is a fin that is extraordinarily practical, that adapts to practically any foot size, and that allows for very quick fitting in any situation, the blade is made from a lightweight, yet responsive material that assures a fluid and effortless Kick, yet at the same time quite powerful. The fin blade extends from the top of the foot pocket for maximum surface area. The strap has a strong pull tab ring to allow quick reversal of the strap for ease of donning and doffing or to clip the fins to the body or equipment. The fin pocket is made from a soft elastomer for added comfort.
FeatureSet includes: Cressi made in Italy Palau long adjustable fins, two window tempered glass lens mask, Dry top silicone snorkel, gear bag
Fins: longer, lightweight and responsive blade, promotes fluid and effortless kick, designed with maximum surface area
Dual tempered glass lens construction, wide field of view, Micrometric adjust buckles, low volume design, double feathered edge skirt
Dry top snorkel design, purge valve for clearing, corrugated lower section, large bore snorkel for better airflow, ergonomic silicone mouthpiece
Snorkeling pack bag, durable nylon & mesh design, top grab handle & shoulder strap, designed for transport & storage, zipper closure
Brand : Cressi
Item model num : PLSMFSS-RD-ML
EAN : 0647732655513
Product Dimensions(LxWxH) : 56x16x11cm ; 1860 g
Package Dimensions(LxWxH) : 56x23x13cm ; 1860 g
L/XL (Mens 10-13) (Womens 11-14)-Blue

L/XL (Mens 10-13) (Womens 11-14)-Brisbane Blue

M/L (Mens 7-10) (Womens 8-11)-Brisbane Lilac

M/L (Mens 7-10) (Womens 8-11)-Brisbane Pink

L/XL (Mens 10-13) (Womens 11-14)-Brisbane Yellow

XS/S (Mens 2-4) (Womens 3-5)-Lilac

M/L (Mens 7-10) (Womens 8-11)-Lilac

XS/S (Mens 2-4) (Womens 3-5)-Pink

S/M (Mens 4-7) (Womens 5-8)-Pink

XS/S (Mens 2-4) (Womens 3-5)-Yellow

S/M (Mens 4-7) (Womens 5-8)-Yellow

M/L (Mens 7-10) (Womens 8-11)-Yellow

L/XL (Mens 10-13) (Womens 11-14)-Yellow

L/XL (Mens 10-13) (Womens 11-14)-Brisbane Red

L/XL (Mens 10-13) (Womens 11-14)-Brisbane Titaiu

L/XL (Mens 10-13) (Womens 11-14)-Red

L/XL (Mens 10-13) (Womens 11-14)-Titanium

The method is coming in at Rp 3.192.000 (Rate 1$ = Rp 13.900) from Lazada

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